• To build up competences of education practitioners, PE teachers and sport coaches for using Education through sport (ETS) methodology in virtual environment.
  • To explore ETS methodology in terms of practical examples.
  • To share best practices of using sport in digital educational environment.
  • To develop relevant innovative outputs referring to the virtual application of ETS Methodology.
  • To enable the participants of the project, to act as multipliers of virtual ETS approach within their local communities and thus foster its use around Europe.
  • Through the creation of virtual vETS Laboratory space to create long term cross – a sectorial collaboration.

  • Participation in a process of putting in practice a new methodology in their daily activities with learners and target groups.
  • Stronger involvement of their staff in terms of virtual educational processes and use of sport for work with target groups and providing innovative and educational content.
  • Exchange of best practices in terms of educational expertise and such in the sport field at European level.
  • Opportunities for professional development of their staff members and related associated partners.
  • Development of quality framework for an international strategic collaboration in a long-term frame.
  • Participation in the creation and development of tangible outputs as solutions for stimulating involvement in sport.

  • Increased level of competences and improved abilities for using sport as educational tool.
  • Strengthened capacities to implement the ETS methodology in virtual environment and to further adapt it to diverse learning contexts and target groups needs
  • Higher capabilities to perform in international teams.
  • Tailor-made solutions for implementing the ETS methodology virtually for achieving better professional.
  • Use of standardized virtual educational tools for implementing the ETS methodology and ability to transmit such practices to others
  • Better awareness of the general significance of sport practices as tools for education and achievement of sustainable social transformations

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